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Need content? Hundreds of PostRunner authors want a chance to impress you. Publish what you love; send the rest back.

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  • Does PostRunner own/manage the blogs I'll be guest posting on?

    No. The blogs connected to PostRunner are individually owned and operated by bloggers, internet marketers, and small business owners who take advantage of all the free content created by PostRunner authors (that's you!).

    PostRunner's operators have no financial interest in the blogs you'll be guest posting on (just gratitude for their participation).

  • Are publishers allowed to alter my guest posts?

    Once a publisher accepts and publishes your post, it becomes hers to edit as she sees fit. Of course, it's in her best interest to leave your posts substantially the same.

    Her good standing with PostRunner authors would definitely tank if she were to mistreat your content. And if she wrecks her reputation with authors, she won't be getting any more guest posts.

  • How many attribution links am I allowed in each guest post?

    Again, this is up to the individual publishers. Many of them only want to see one attribution link. Others may allow two or three links - as long as they add value to the post.

    PostRunner has no say in the number, type, or placement of links in guest posts - we leave it completely to individual publishers to decide what linking practices they're comfortable with.

  • Are my guest posts permanent?

    Nothing on the web is permanent, is it? Bloggers may end up deleting a small percentage of your posts at some point in the future, or they may abandon their sites altogether.

    But don't worry - if/when one of your guest posts gets deleted, it will show up back in your PostRunner dashboard, allowing you to submit it to another blog.

    However, if the site you choose to submit to goes offline or is abandoned by the owner, we won't be able to help you. That's why it's so important to choose the sites with the best long term prospects for your posts.

  • How many times will each guest post be published? And on how many different blogs?

    PostRunner guest posts are published one time on one blog - this isn't an article syndication service.

  • I still have questions.

    Please get in touch! We'll be happy to hear from you.

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Publishers Who Want Content

  • So it's completely free for me to get unique guest posts to publish on my WordPress site?

    That's right, just set up a PostRunner account, install the PostRunner WordPress plugin, configure your listing, and you're set!

  • Can I submit guest posts in addition to receiving them?

    Sure you can. Every site needs more content and increased visibility. PostRunner has helped a lot of sites to gain both and we would definitely recommend taking advantage of both options!

  • Can I use PostRunner to manage ALL the guest posts I receive on my blog?

    That's what makes the most sense to us. Because PostRunner is free for authors, you could direct all your prospective guest contributors to us.

    Once they sign up for PostRunner, they'll be able to see your content requirements and tailor a post just for you - with no time-sucking back and forth about topic, style, etc.

    What better way to streamline your guest post publishing?

  • How many guest posts can I expect to receive?

    It's impossible to guess. The number of posts you receive depends on the subjects your site covers, the number of words you require, the number of links you'll allow, the quality of your site, and what qualifications you look for in authors.

    You can "throttle" the number of posts you receive by tweaking your post requirements. For example, you will get fewer posts if you require them to be longer. The more picky and strict you are, the fewer posts you're likely to receive.

    More flexibility on the other hand will get you more posts. For example, allowing authors to write shorter posts will increase the number of posts you will receive.

    If you're willing to experiment with new topics and different post requirements, you're definitely going to find your sweet spot.

    The key is to attract as much content as you can without compromising your editorial standards.

  • Won't authors be upset if I decline some of their posts?

    Sure - some authors won't like having their work declined. But most of them understand that this isn't a game where you win 100% of the time. If you don't want a particular post, someone else is going to be thrilled to have it.

    You should never feel pressure to accept a post you're not excited about.

    If you want to soften the blow, do two things: respond to the post as quickly as you can, and take a minute to explain that you appreciate the post - it's just not a good fit. Quick, positive communication makes it easy to accept a decline.

  • Am I allowed to edit posts before and/or after I publish them?

    Yes, you have total editorial control over everything you publish on your site.

    That said, you should always consider how the author will feel about the changes you make. Did you leave his/her author attribution links in place? Did you leave the content substantially intact?

    If you need to make some minor changes, the majority of authors won't mind a bit. If you feel like you have to make big changes to a post before you publish it, the better move is to decline it. The author can revise and resubmit or take the post elsewhere.

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