Using Guest Blogging to Build Your Business

Power of Words

If you operate a blog, you know the Internet is a saturated market across many industries. Trying to standout is akin to shouting in a packed stadium and hoping those on the opposite end can hear your words. They cannot — at least not without help. In the blogosphere, guest blogging is that help.

Establishing Yourself as an Authority
It doesn’t take much to create a blog, which is why it’s important to establish yourself as an expert in your field. You can back your content with an extensive work history in your industry, but many blogs are started on the premise of a professional wishing to share their knowledge and experience with others. In other words, you’re one among many. Extending a guest post to other well-established bloggers in your industry will make your blog a voice of authority.

The benefit of increased exposure is a two-way deal for you and the guest blogger. While their audience follows them to your website, your audience is introduced to a fresh perspective. A great way to increase the fresh exposure is to invite someone whose audience doesn’t fully overlap with yours. For example, if your focus is customer relationship management (CRM), host someone specializing in data security. Given the high number of data breaches at top financial institutions in the last few years, there’s no doubt audiences are always interested in learning more about protecting their customer’s personal information.

A blog’s position in search engine results is key to building an audience and increasing revenue through advertising. A backlink is one of the ways search engines determine how relevant a site is to a keyword search. Each guest blogger presents the opportunity to increase the number of quality backlinks to your site, thereby improving your search engine ranking.

Whether you’re posting on another site or hosting someone on yours, a guest blogger is always a smart business move, so start extending invites and pitching guest content to colleagues in your industry.