The Manage Posts Page

The two main areas of the Manage Posts page are the filters and the post list.

Filtering the Post List

All Linked Domains…

This dropdown menu shows all the domains you’ve linked to from guest posts (which means this list should match the My Domains list on your Dashboard).

Selecting any of the domains in the All Linked Domains dropdown (and then clicking ‘Filter‘will filter all other domains out of the post list display.

All Statuses…

This dropdown menu contains the five different post statuses used by PostRunner:

  • Not Sent: Your post hasn’t been sent or scheduled yet. It’s a draft.
  • Scheduled: Your post has been scheduled for submission on a certain date in the future. The post will stay in your PostRunner queue until the schedule date, then be sent to your chosen publish location for review by the site owner.
  • Sent: Your post has been sent to the site owner for review.
  • Returned: your post has either been ignored, declined, or deleted by the site owner; or your post failed to reach your chosen publish location because PostRunner wasn’t able to connect to the site.
  • Live: The site owner accepted and published your post.

Selecting any of the statuses (and then clicking ‘Filter‘) will leave only posts with the chosen status in the post list.

Search by keyword…

Typing keywords into the search field (and then clicking ‘Filter’) will return a list of posts that contain the keywords anywhere in the post (whether the title, body, or links in the post).

You can filter the post list using All Linked Domains, All Statuses, and search by keyword together or separately.

Export filtered list

Clicking ‘export filtered list‘ will create a .csv file from the post list with the current set of filters.

The Post List

Post Title

Clicking on a post title in this column will load the edit post page for the post.

If the post is live, a small ‘view‘ link appears next to the title. Clicking the ‘view‘ link loads the live post in a new window.

Send Date

The Send Date is the date on which the post was sent (or will be sent) to the chosen publish location. The Send Date is blank until a post is submitted or scheduled to be submitted.


The current status of the post, explained above in detail.


PostRunner site owners rate every post they receive, whether they accept or decline it.

These are the ratings:

  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Average
  • Poor
  • Very Poor

Each rating corresponds to a certain value. The combined values of your post ratings determine your Author Score.

Your guest posts won’t show a rating until a site owner has received and rated them.

Read more about your Author Score.


The links you embed in your guest posts appear here in list format. Clicking a link loads its destination URL in a new window.