Choosing a destination for your post

The choose location page has nine columns (all of which are sortable by clicking on the column heading):

Post Destination

The list of available PostRunner sites where you could submit a guest post.


The home page pagerank of the site.

My Posts

The number of posts you’ve submitted to the site with links pointing to the website you’re currently promoting. This can get a little confusing, so here’s an example: Let’s say I clicked add post next to back on the dashboard. The My Posts column tells me how many guest posts I’ve submitted to the sites in the Post Destination list with links pointing to any page on

Required Words

The minimum number of words the site requires per post.

Links Allowed

The maximum number of links the site owner will allow in a post. Make sure you review the site’s detail page to see if the owner has any particular linking requirements. For example, some site owners allow multiple links per post, but only allow one of them to be “self-serving.” Other site owners require certain link placements in the post itself.


This is the average rating given by reviewers on the site’s detail page.

From PostRunner

This is the percentage of posts on the site that originated from PostRunner. If a site has 100 total posts on it, 25 of them having come from PostRunner, the site’s From PostRunner column would show 25%.

Ignore Rate

This is the percentage of all guest posts (received from PostRunner) that the site owner has failed to approve or decline during the 7 day review period. Site owners should do everything in their power to keep their ignore percentage low.


Clicking select sets the chosen site as the post destination and loads the Add a and submit a post page.

Clicking hide puts the site in the My Hidden Sites list (reachable through the My Saved Filters, or by clicking view hidden sites at the end of the Post Destination list) dropdown menu. You can still submit posts to hidden sites; you’ve simply removed them from your default visible list of Post Destinations.

Filtering the Post Destination List

The standard filters on the page allow you to filter by category and/or keywords. PostRunner site owners can add as many keywords as they’d like to their sites, giving authors a more specific idea of topics they’d like covered on their sites.

Clicking advanced filters allows you to filter the list even more specifically by any of the sites’ traits. For example, you could filter the list to only show you sites requiring between 400 and 1,000 words, allowing up to three links, with an ignore rate below 10%.

Once you’ve filtered a list of sites you find appealing, you can click save filter to keep the list handy for future reference. After naming and saving your filter, you’ll find it in the My Saved Filters list. Once you’re finished with a saved filter, you can delete it by clicking the red x next to the filter name in the dropdown menu.

Sites You Don’t Currently Qualify For

Beneath the Post Destination list you’ll see a message that says “If your author score were higher, more sites would be available to you.” When you click the link to show these sites, the sites (whose minimum author score requirement is higher than your current score) will appear as grayed-out rows in the Post Destination List. Hovering your cursor over the rows will tell you what the site’s author score requirement is so you know what you need to do in order to have more post destinations available to you.

Of course you don’t want these sites to clutter your Post Destination list, so you can click hide these sites to remove them. It’s worth checking out the list every once in a while so you can see what doors would open to you with a higher author score.