The Benefits of Guest Blogging

Hands typing on a keyboardOne of the simplest and most effective ways to get targeted website traffic and build backlinks to your site is to write guest posts for other blogs. Guest blogging allows you to benefit from the other site’s traffic and gain new followers of your own.

It’s best to search for blogs within your own niche that are popular and active. It’s especially beneficial if you can find high traffic authority sites that are willing to publish your content. You should query the site owner first and not simply send a post. Many blog owners are glad to receive well written and relevant guest posts. This provides them with quality content, while providing you with traffic and links.

Always focus on quality over quantity when guest posting. With Google’s latest updates, it’s not going to help you to get links from low quality sites. Sites that haven’t been updated recently, are not relevant to your niche or that contain mostly advertisements are best avoided. Stick to guest posting on sites that are well respected and have some authority. Doing some research by checking sites’ Alexa ratings and page rank can help you decide whether or not you would want to approach them for this purpose.

Once you find a quality site that is willing to publish your post, you may be able to establish a long term relationship with the owner. You may, for example, be able to form an arrangement where you contribute one or two posts per month. If you have a few sites like this, you will be building a solid foundation for SEO and traffic to your own site.