The PostRunner Site Detail Page

The Site Detail page makes it easy for authors to see a) exactly what kind of guest posts the site owner is looking for, and b) whether the site site is a desirable place to guest post.

Here’s what the Site Detail page shows:

The Site Title: which is the same title that appears on the blog.

Contact Site Owner link: Clicking this link loads a simple contact form that allows authors to communicate with the owner of the site. Only the first message will go through the PostRunner contact form. Other correspondence will happen by email.

The Site Rating: Authors have the opportunity to rate PostRunner sites on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. The average star rating appears at the top of the Site Detail Page.

Pause Site: The Pause Site button allows site owners to temporarily remove a site from the PostRunner listings. When the Pause Site button is clicked, the site will be removed from the list on the Choose Publish Location page. Posts that are already pending in the site’s WordPress dashboard will stay with the site. If a post was scheduled to be sent to the site, and the send date arrives while the site is still paused, the post will be returned to the author for submission elsewhere.

Edit Site: This button is only visible to the owner of the site. When clicked, this button takes the site owner to the pages that allow him/her to update the:

  • Site Description: This is where site owners have the chance to tell authors exactly what they’re looking for in terms of content style, voice, format, etc. The site description field allows markup, so site owners can add helpful links to their description (possibly a link to a preferred set of topics, or to a more detailed description on their site).
  • Categories: Site owners can put their site in up to three broad categories, which they select from dropdown menus in the edit site process.
  • Keywords: Site owners can use keywords to give authors a more detailed idea of subjects they want to cover on their site. For example, my site might be in the broad categories of business and finance. I could add specific keywords such as starting a business, buying a franchise, or small business marketing. Keywords are helpful in helping authors understand what topics a site owner would like to see covered, and they’re also searchable on the Choose Publish Location page, making it easier for authors to find the site in the first place.
  • Word Requirement: Site owners can set their word requirement as high or low as they want. The default is 300 words.
  • Links Allowed: Site owners can allow any number of links in a post (but authors will expect to be able to put at least one link in a post for author attribution). Default is one link.
  • Minimum Author Score: This is the minimum score an author must achieve for the site to even appear in the list on his Choose Publish Location page. The default is 60.

Site owners can use Word Requirement, Links Allowed, and Minimum Author Score as a throttle to receive more or fewer guest posts. As you make your site requirements more lenient, you’re likely to get more posts. As you make your requirements more strict, you’re likely to get fewer posts.

Of course, the more authoritative and popular your blog is, the more strict you can set your requirements and still expect a decent volume of posts.

Your Live Posts: this shows a count of how many posts the current user has on the site. Your Live Posts is n/a for the site owner.

From PostRunner %: This shows what percentage of all posts on the site came from PostRunner. Authors often want to see that they’re submitting a guest post to site that has plenty of its own content (and isn’t just a kind of article directory).

Posts Ignored: This is the percentage of posts the site owner has failed to respond to within 7 days. Site owners should make it a goal to keep their Ignore % as close to zero as possible. Authors are leery of any site owner who doesn’t respond quickly to every guest post they receive – it makes the site owner appear lazy and unappreciative of the free content he/she is receiving.

Feedback and Reviews: this is the section of the Site Detail page where authors can rate sites and leave feedback for the site owners. Reviews should be positive and constructive. If a review is angry or inflammatory, it will be deleted by PostRunner staff.

Site Owners should try to keep their average rating as high as possible. Average ratings appear in the site listings on the Choose Publish Location. The higher your rating, the higher the quality and quantity of content you can expect to receive.