Don’t make your Relevant SEO Irrelevant: Follow these Tips

A few posts back we talked about the importance of keeping your content relevant for SEO purposes. The focus there was on the content itself. We won’t rehash that post, but you get it already. Keep the content relevant.

But what about your SEO tactics themselves? Are you using relevant SEO tactics today? If your guest posting strategy is based on outdated tactics — like over-powered anchor text, for instance — then your SEO strategy is definitely not relevant.pen on paper

So relevance in SEO not only involves posting quality, related content, but it also involves using tactics that still work and avoiding tactics that don’t. Outdated SEO tactics aren’t just ineffective; they will eventually harm your site!

Let’s go over a couple quick tips related to guest posting that will help you get the results you’re after.

1. Be selective about where you post your links
2. Only submit high quality guest posts

Selective Guest Posting

Postrunner offers tools to help you find quality sites on which to submit your links. If you want long-term results that won’t get you penalized by Google, then use our filters to find high quality, relevant sites for your guest posts.

Quality Guest Posts

Quality is still king. If high quality sites are rejecting your guest posts, then you need to step up your efforts and provide them with higher quality content. Dig deeper into the topic. Double your word count. Submit only original content.

Never forget that keeping your SEO tactics up to date and providing value for your readers are the best ways to keep your websites and your business relevant and moving forward toward success.