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Blogger Income Reports for Oct. 2012

These bloggers killed it in October. It’s awesome to see what can happen if you have the right mindset, work hard, and stay persistent. Note: a few of these reports are from September because the bloggers don’t have the October report out yet.

1. Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, RSS)

Gross Revenue: $47,848.18
Net Revenue: $46,221.80

Income Breakdown:

2. Dollars and Roses by Jeff and Mandy Rose (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube)

This income report is from September as they take about a month to report.

Gross Revenue: $12,092.08
Net Revenue: expenses not reported

Income Breakdown:

  • Earnings on Good Financial Cents: $6255.54
  • Other niche sites: $1,847.62
  • House of Rose blog: $1,038.92
  • Freelance writing: $200
  • Financial planning fees: $250
  • Video production fee: $2,000

3. Nerdy Nomad by (Twitter, Facebook, RSS)

Gross Revenue: $11,365
Net Revenue: $7,283

Income Breakdown:

  • Private advertising: $10,805
  • Adsense: $384
  • Affiliate commissions: $99
  • Ebook sales: $77

4. Business and Blogs by Matt Wolfe (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, RSS)

This income report is from Septemeber as Matt takes about a month to get his report out.

Gross Revenue: $9315.56
Net Revenue:  expenses not reported

Income Breakdown:

  • Sales of his own produce (The WordPress Classroom): $5605.21
  • Affiliate commissions: $921.21
  • iPhone apps: $2.28
  • Kindle book sales: $1804.29
  • Create Space sales: $746.05
  • iBooks sales: $153.30
  • Amazon associate commissions: $58.46
  • Adsense: $24.76

5. Famous Bloggers by Hesham Zebida (Twitter, Facebook, Google+)

Note: These are Hesham’s personal earnings, not his earnings on Famous Bloggers.

Gross Revenue: $8,199.71
Net Revenue: $6,899.94

Income Breakdown:

  • Thesis skins business (his own product sales): $3,528.00
  • Affiliate earnings: $2,265.60
  • Paid reviews: $275
  • BuySellAds: $462.65
  • Adsense: $130.36
  • InLinks: $29.60
  • LinkWorth: $94.50
  • AdvertiseSpace: $21.00
  • Direct ads: $415
  • Freelancing: $1000

6. Mike from Maine (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, RSS)

Gross Revenue: $4,675.06
Net Revenue: $2,603.40

Income Breakdown:

  • Sales of starter sites (he builds starter sites and sells them for $50): $3,501.17
  • Text Link Ads: $67.82
  • Affiliate commissions: $487.98
  • Adsense: $529.76

7. My Multiple Incomes by Robert Farrington (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, RSS)

Gross Revenue: $4,654.71
Net Revenue:  (expenses not reported)

Income Breakdown:

  • Private advertising: $1945
  • Affiliate commissions: $499.37
  • CPC ads: $15.29
  • Writing service: $885
  • eBay sales: $1143.29

8. Pinch of Yum by Lindsay and Bjork (Twitter, Facebook, RSS)

Gross Revenue: $4,237.45
Net Revenue: (expenses not reported)

Income Breakdown:

  • Bluehost affiliate commissions: $1,560
  • Sales of own product – Tasty Food Photography: $990.35
  • BlogHer: $829.85
  • Google Adsense: $605.28
  • Elegant Themes affiliate commissions – $97.50
  • Thesis Theme affiliate commissions- $93.72
  • Amazon associate commissions: $44.75
  • VigLink – $16

9. The Financial Blogger by Mike (Twitter, RSS)

Gross Revenue: $3,399.25
Net Revenue: (expenses not reported)

Income Breakdown:

  • Niche site ebook sales: $326.40
  • Niche site Adsense: $234.52
  • Adsense: $2838.33

It also appears that Mike is selling a lot of a book that he wrote for the Kindle, although the income isn’t in his income report. It looks like he’s selling 70-100 copies per month at $9.99 each.

10. by Dinesh (Facebook, RSS)

Gross Revenue: $2113.26
Net Revenue: expenses not reported

Income Breakdown:

  • Adsense: $1415.07
  • Contextweb CPM: $168.22
  • Amazon Associate commissions: $33.43
  • Vibrant Media: $209.79
  • Affiliate Sales: $122.75
  • Viglink: $164

11. Traffic Generation Cafe by Ana Hoffman (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, RSS)

Gross Revenue: $1108
Net Revenue: $979

Income Breakdown (all affiliate commissions):

  • Digital Marketer’s Lab: $415
  • CommentLuv: $262
  • TweetAdder: $220
  • WPSubscribers: $59
  • Thesis Theme: $58
  • Aweber: $51
  • Internet Business Mastery: $33
  • Kristi Johnson – Blog Post Promotion: $10

A Halloween Shout-Out to Six Brands We Admire

We couldn’t think of a better way to give a “Halloween hello” to some of the brands we appreciate (and use) most than by turning their logos into jack-o-lanterns. To those featured – thanks for your contributions to the web!

(Yes – we carved these ourselves, and yes, we got our families involved and had a great time.)

1. WordPress

It’s hard to believe we’ve been using WordPress for close to six years now! PostRunner is the third successful business we’ve launched on the back of this amazing platform, and we have no idea where we’d be without it. To everyone who makes (and has made) WordPress a reality, thank you!

2. Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn

We’ve been following Pat and Smart Passive Income for at least a couple of years now, ever since our customers told us he was a must-read. The hallmarks of Pat’s brand are generosity and transparency. Pat, keep up the great work!

3. SEOmoz

There’s a lot of noise and nonsense in the SEO world, and the folks at SEOmoz consistently choose to share best practices for success with the search engines – regardless of what’s popular or “easy.” Thanks mozzers!

4. ProBlogger by Darren Rowse

For us, Darren from ProBlogger is a model of stamina and staying power. Continuing to post regularly (and enthusiastically) on his blog after close to eight (?) years shows a passion for and commitment to his audience and his subject matter.

5. You Need a Budget (aka YNAB)

Because Jesse of YNAB is a friend of ours, we’ve been fans of this brand from its early days – days when you couldn’t even use it on a Mac (gasp). We admire YNAB as a product for its mission and its community, and we admire the YNAB team for their discipline in keeping their product perfectly in tune with their mission – and their community.

6. MailChimp

We started using MailChimp two years ago, and we haven’t looked back. MailChimp is proof that your brand can be fun and pro while attaining serious scale (2.5 Million users and counting). Oh, and as software guys we admire and appreciate the MailChimp API. Our developers send their thanks. :)

So those are our Halloween shout-outs. Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!