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Earn a Recurring $10 to $40 per Month per Referral by Recommending PostRunner

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PostRunner affiliates earn 20% recurring commissions on active, paid accounts – which means you could generate a healthy supplemental income simply be mentioning the service to bloggers, internet marketers, and marketing agencies.

Please read these key points from our Terms of Service:

1. You do NOT need to supply a Social Security Number or Tax ID (or valid street adress, for that matter) in order to receive commissions. In the field that asks for that information, please enter n/a. All you’ll need is a PayPal account where we can send your payments.

2. Our cookies are permanent (woohoo!), which is to say they are not set to expire. We (of course) can’t control whether users clear their cookies, but as long as they leave the cookie in their browser, we’ll give you credit for the sale.

3. It is against our terms for you to sign up for PostRunner under your own affiliate ID. The intent of the affiliate program is to earn commissions by helping persuade people to join PostRunner.

4. You may not bid on “branded” keywords (ie ‘PostRunner,’ ‘PostRunner reviews’ etc) with paid traffic services like Google Adwords.

5. You may not use our brand in website domains (ie

6. We reserve the right to terminate the affiliate agreement for any reason, including (but not limited to):

  • violations of the program terms
  • promoting PostRunner in ways that don’t reflect our values
  • attempting to fraudulently earn commissions in any way

7. Commissions will be paid (via PayPal) between the 1st and 5th of the month following the month when the sale occurred.

Sound good? Great!

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(One note: There currently no affiliate banners available. While we may eventually create banners, we find that recommendations made contextually are a much more effective way of promoting the service.)

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