Adding and submitting a post

Landing on the Add and submit a post page, the first thing you’ll see is a reminder of which publish location you’ve chosen for your post.

It’s always a good idea to look at your chosen publish location’s Site detail page one last time before writing your post. Clicking the name of your chosen publish location loads its site detail page in a new window.

You can click change publish location to choose a different destination for post, until your post has a status of sent or live.

Get a refresher on post statuses from our article about the Manage posts page.

You also see the site’s word requirement and link allowance above the post title box. The word requirement will stay red until you exceed the word length requirement, and the link allowance will stay green unless you add more links to the post than the site owner allows.

Adding a post title and post body in PostRunner is just like adding them in any WordPress site.

If you’re pasting content into the PostRunner visual post editor, be aware of a few things:

1. You can paste plain text into the visual post editor and maintain formatting.

2. You should not paste rich text (ie from Microsoft Word) into the visual post editor. Pasting rich text into PostRunner causes strange formatting and code in your post – and annoys site owners.

3. You can paste html into the html editor (open it by clicking the html icon in the visual editor toolbar) and maintain any markup you’ve added to the post you’re pasting in. Make sure to keep your markup as simple as possible – keeping an eye on the formatting the site owner uses on his/her site.

You don’t have to paste your guest posts into PostRunner; writing them directly into the visual post editor works fine. Our autosave feature runs every sixty seconds, so you don’t have to worry about losing your work.

To the right of the post editor, you see the Post Status section (we’ve covered post status in detail in this article).

Beneath the Post Status you see the Post Date area. Use the text fields (or click the calendar icon) to choose a future publish date for your post.

It’s important for you to understand that you’re only choosing the date that PostRunner will send your post to your chosen publish location. Once the site owner receives the post, he/she will have 7 days to approve or decline the post.

You can save your post at any time by clicking Save Draft. Your drafts are listed will the rest of your posts on the Manage your posts page.

When you’re finished with your post, click Submit. The Submit button loads the One Last Look dropdown window.

One Last Look allows you to scan back over your post, making sure you’ve formatted properly and corrected any grammar or spelling errors (remember, you want to make a good impression on the site owner who will be reviewing your post).

One Last Look also checks for links in the post and lets you know:

Whether you’re linking to any new websites from the post (a ‘new website’ being one you haven’t previously linked to from a guest post).

If you are linking to new websites, we’ll let you know how many more websites you can promote before reaching your subscription limit.

If the new websites take you past your subscription limit, we’ll let you know that you need to either a) remove links or b) upgrade your account.

One Last Look also gives two notifications about the links you have in your post. If a link points to a new website (as we just discussed), a blue New Website notification appears.

If you’ve properly formed the link, and it points to a live, accessible web page, we’ll show a Good Link notification.

If PostRunner can’t reach the link’s destination URL, we’ll give you a Bad Link notification.

After you’ve reviewed your post and confirmed that your links are formed correctly, clicking Submit again will send (or schedule) your post.

That’s it! Once your post is on its way to your chosen publish location, the site owner will have 7 days to approve or decline it. Once the post has been approved, declined, or ignored, you’ll receive an email from PostRunner and the post’s status will change on the Manage posts page, the Add and submit a post page, and also appear in the Live or Returned column on the Dashboard.